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Del Alma Publications, LLC – Bilingual English Spanish Publisher

Meeting the Biliteracy Challenges of the Hispanic Learner

Founded to address the growing biliteracy challenges of the Hispanic learner in the United States, Del Alma Publications, LLC’s goal is to produce quality and culturally relevant material for children, young adults, and educators of bilingual, bicultural, educational settings. We are an independent book publisher that focuses on producing bilingual, bicultural books relevant to today’s growing Hispanic population. Located within the fast growing Rio Grande River Valley in deep South Texas, the mission of Del Alma Publications is to bridge the Hispanic achievement gap by producing quality materials in English and Spanish with a regional cultural focus. It is our intent that these may also serve as teaching resource materials for bilingual/dual language education programs.

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Our Mission:

With an ever increasing Hispanic enrollment in the United States classrooms, Del Alma Publications, LLC believes that meeting the biliteracy challenges of the Hispanic learner has become imperative now more than ever. Therefore, it commits to produce culturally relevant books and teaching materials. 

Our Objectives: 

  • To provide culturally relevant English-Spanish bilingual children’s books 
  • To provide English-as-a-Second Language materials 
  • To provide Spanish and English readers for the young adult
  • To provide teaching resource materials for bilingual/dual language education teachers