Cantos del Alma y del Corazón – Book Launch

Perez Releases Spanish Poetry Book

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PRESS RELEASE:  Zapata, TX, November 23, 2015– Del Alma Publications, LLC hosted a book signing and poetry reading for the release of Cantos del Alma y del Corazón – Poesía Original, an original Spanish poetry book written by former University of Texas – Pan American Starr County campus director Dr. Maria Alma Gonzalez Perez last Sunday, November 23, 2015.  Over 50 guests gathered and enjoyed hearing Dr. Perez recite her favorite poetry verses from famed poets, such as Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, as well as some of the poems from her own book.

Dr. Perez said she was happy to see the attendees not only supporting her, but rather supporting the development of literature in the community, specifically Spanish poetry.  She followed by saying that whomever can write poetry, all that is needed is to free your mind and unite your thoughts with your feelings because whenever a memory comes to mind that causes much emotion that makes one sigh, laugh, or cry, it’s very probable that a poem can develop.

Dr. Perez provided some background regarding her poetry writing process as well as the significance and importance of ‘culturally relevant literature,’ which is when one can find something to relate to when reading literature.  She added that literature helps to form and develop young children and adolescents by giving them concepts and perspectives.

The presentation concluded by Dr. Perez presenting framed photos of some of the books’ poems for persons who contributed to the book and/or were related to the poem’s story.Book Signing

Cantos del alma y del corazón – Poesía original is a collection of 50 poems that provides the reader with a sensitive perspective of love, family, and culture among other topics and expresses feelings and emotions derived from the experience of everyday life.

Each poem is complemented by a photograph depicting scenic areas of Zapata County which serves as backdrop to enhance its meaning. A teaching guide of classroom activities serves as supplementary material for the instruction and discussion of poetry in the classroom. Cantos del alma y del corazón – Poesía original includes 7 sections, 51 pictures and a total of 104 pages.

Books are available for purchase by clicking here or by calling 956-451-6964.