¡TODOS A CELEBRAR! A Hispanic Customs & Traditions Alphabet Book

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Todos a Celebrar CoverBY DR. MA. ALMA G. PEREZ


Hispanic customs and traditions have transcended borders, especially in the United States where Hispanics have become the largest minority. It is therefore, critically important that children of all nationalities learn more about these customs and traditions that are so deeply rooted in the Hispanic way of life. This alphabet book’s purpose is twofold: to build background about Hispanic customs and traditions and to provide further discussion or extension of learning.

Las costumbres y tradiciones hispanas han trascendido fronteras, especialmente en los Estados Unidos donde los hispanos se han convertido en la minoría más grande. Por lo tanto, es sumamente importante que los niños de todas las nacionalidades aprendan más sobre estas costumbres y tradiciones que están tan bien cimentados en la cultura hispana. Este abecedario tiene un doble propósito: el desarrollar el conocimiento sobre las costumbres y tradiciones mexicanas y para desarrollar el tema o la extensión del aprendizaje. 



8 x 8 | 40 pp. | 30 color photo pages

Ages 5 and up



ISBN-13 978-0-9822422-5-4


ISBN-13 978-0-9822422-4-7




2019 Skipping Stones Honor Award – Multicultural and International Books

2019 International Latino Book Awards Finalist – Best Children’s Nonfiction Picture Book & Best Latino Focused Book Design


Kirkus Review

“A bilingual picture book teaches children about Spanish words and Hispanic culture.

In this work, Pérez (An Angel From Above, 2018, etc.) takes young readers on a journey through the alphabet illustrated with photographs of children, often in traditional Mexican dress. They demonstrate the concepts presented on each page, from “abrazo” (an embrace) to “Zócalo,” the central plaza in Mexico City. Flamenco, lotería, piñata, and usted (a formal “you” without a direct analogue in English) are among the words depicted. Each caption appears in both English and Spanish, and the translations are fluent and skillfully written in both languages. The captions conclude with related questions for readers (“Have you played in a soccer game?” “What other words begin with ‘W’ in Spanish?”) that are intended to generate further discussion. Because most are designed for yes/no answers, a parent’s or teacher’s guidance will be needed to make them useful. The introduction makes it clear that the book’s focus is on the Mexican heritage of Latinx culture in particular (although the South American drink yerba mate makes an appearance on the Y page). The traditions represented in the text are primarily Christian—for instance, “la bendición” (blessing) and “la iglesia” (church)—but on the whole, the cultural generalizations are accurate and appropriate (“Hispanic culture is very rich in the use of sayings or dichos for every occasion”). The photos (from various sources) deftly illustrate the concepts, and the children dressed up for “jarabe tapatío,” a traditional Mexican dance, and for a “tamalada,” a tamale-making gathering, are particularly charming. The bilingual aspect makes the work a helpful language teaching tool, and the information is presented at an appropriate level for young children. Pérez has done an excellent job of providing a variety of concepts and a visually appealing design. Although it is not a comprehensive portrayal of Latinx culture, the work is a knowledgeable and authoritative guide to one significant aspect of it.

A well-written and informative introduction to Mexican-influenced Latinx culture in an alphabet format with engaging photos.” Visit Website


Midwest Book Review – from the Bilingual Book Shelf

With “Todos a Celebrar! A Hispanic Customs & Traditions Alphabet Book “, award-winning author and biliteracy expert, Dr. Ma. Alma G. Perez presents children ages 5-9 with a glimpse into the Hispanic culture and its traditions through a very unique alphabet book format. Educational and picturesque, “Todos a Celebrar! A Hispanic Customs & Traditions Alphabet Book” teaches by example and includes a picture glossary of cultural objects and an Hispanic countries map for extension of learning. Exceptionally well organized and profusely illustrated, “Todos a Celebrar! A Hispanic Customs & Traditions Alphabet Book” is unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library English/Spanish bilingual collections. Visit Website 


Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews

¡Todos a Celebrar! A Hispanic Customs & Traditions Alphabet Book by Dr. Maria Alma Gonzalez Pérez is a bilingual book that introduces young readers to Hispanic customs and traditions so that they learn about the Hispanic culture, people, and their history. Children will not only learn the alphabet but also understand the Hispanic customs and traditions once they finish reading this book. The Hispanic culture is very rich and has been passed from generation to generation, and the book weaves that in along with teaching the alphabet.

This book is enjoyable to readers from all countries as it is a good learning experience; both in terms of learning the alphabet and more about the Hispanic culture, traditions, and customs. I like the way the author caters to both English and Spanish speaking readers through this bilingual book. The idea of combining learning the alphabet along with introducing readers to the Hispanic culture and traditions has been done tastefully and deftly. The photographs make the concept clear. The book is informative and makes learning fun and interactive. It is a good book for classrooms and parents can have it in their personal collection at home to make learning the alphabet easy and interesting. Books like this are good not only when it comes to learning but also when it comes to gathering information about the traditions, culture, and customs of other countries in an exciting way. The book is not only for Hispanic children, but children from other countries will also find it enjoyable. Visit Website


“In ¡TODOS A CELEBRAR!, colorful photographs and culturally relevant information enveloping Latino culture, celebrations, and life are well represented. Sure to enrich the curiosity and academic focus for the young learner.”   – José Chavez, retired bilingual educator, MA ESL, and award-winning author of Estrellitas y Nopales, Little Stars and Cactus

“¡Me encantó el libro! Definitivamente es un libro culturalmente relevante a muchas culturas y que utilizaría como una excelente herramienta educativa para promover la lectoescritura. Gracias por su literatura infantil y su dedicación a la educación de nuestros alumnos.”   – Norma McKee, Bilingual/ESL Coordinator, Rio Grande City CISD, Rio Grande City, TX