A Little Story About Us

We’ve had some requests asking where our name and logo came from. Let me share with you a little story about how our company name “Del Alma” came to be. When we first set out to create our Spanish poetry book, “Cantos del Alma y del Corazón,” we brainstormed locations for each of the poems. It was decided that the cover had to include water and sky. Falcon State Park in South Texas offered terrific views of Falcon Lake. In addition, the Falcon International Bridge could also be seen and so we loved the idea of including the bridge in the background as it is significant because a bridge symbolizes unity. This bridge especially represents the unity between two countries, two languages, two identities, thus its imagery made the cover all the more powerful.

As we enjoyed our afternoon there, I enjoyed shooting the beautiful natural scenery, especially the Park’s butterfly garden. As I busy myself shooting pictures of flowers and butterflies, I suddenly turn around and see a most beautiful sunset. In photographer’s terms, this is known as the “Golden Hour,” when lighting is optimal and many good shots can be taken. Instantly, I begin shooting the sunset over Falcon Lake, and I am in awe of God’s marvelous work.

These magnificent and calming sceneries are commonplace here, where nature is untouched. We thought what better image than this to represent us?

In English, “Del Alma” means “from the soul.” The sun is symbolic of our collective soul, which burns bright, and lets our inner feelings and emotions shine bright. So, we chose this sunset picture for our website’s background image. We chose the name “Del Alma” because everything we do, we put our heart and soul into in order to produce the best possible product, reflective of ourselves and our culture.

We are but in the early stages of our company’s growth, but we are highly motivated, and we feel very strongly in our purpose, which is now more important than ever. Most importantly, we are here to stay!

- Maricia Rodriguez